AML is a pioneering Scottish aquatechnology company specialising in multi-trophic aquaculture systems, driving innovation in seaweed and shellfish farming. 

At AML, we are passionate about aquaculture and its potential to provide a sustainable source of food and resources. We are at the forefront of multi-trophic aquaculture, a revolutionary approach that combines seaweed and shellfish farming for a more balanced and eco-friendly cultivation process.

Our multi-trophic systems offer a multitude of benefits:

    Environmental Sustainability: Seaweed naturally filters excess nutrients from shellfish waste, reducing pollution and promoting a healthier marine environment.
    Thriving Shellfish: Our systems create ideal conditions for shellfish growth, leading to increased yields and improved quality. 
    Seaweed Innovation: We are experts in cultivating high-value seaweed varieties, unlocking new opportunities for food, agriculture, and bioplastics industries. 
    Turnkey Solutions: We provide comprehensive design, installation, and maintenance services, ensuring your multi-trophic system operates at peak efficiency. 
Tending A Modular Seaweed Farm In Loch Sunart

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    Scottish Expertise: We harness Scotland's rich aquaculture heritage and cutting-edge research to develop industry-leading solutions. 
    Dedicated Team: Our team of experienced engineers, biologists, and aquaculture specialists are committed to your success. 
    Scalable Systems: We design and build multi-trophic systems to suit any scale, from small farms to large-scale operations. 
Kelp Growing On Ropes

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Contact us today to discuss how we can identify solutions for your business and the environment. Together, let's cultivate a thriving future for Scottish aquaculture.

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