The Future of Aquatech
Revolutionising Sea Farming With Sustainable Science

By approaching our farming operations in the same way as modern agricultural practices, but with the security of the marine environment as our driving influence, we are developing a responsible, sustainable approach to seaweed cultivation. Working with several of Europe’s leading marine technology companies to establish the innovative application of proven technologies, we can:
Harvesting Seaweed In Scotland

Monitor the impact of our seaweed farming systems on the marine environment

We utilise advanced sensor technology and real-time data analysis to monitor water quality, nutrient levels, and potential environmental impacts of our aquaculture farms.

Track the growth of individual kelp plants from seed to harvest

By tracking the growth of each kelp plant from seed to harvest, we gain valuable insights into optimal growing conditions and can identify and address potential issues early on.
Kelp Growing On Ropes In Loch Sunart

Correlate the impact of marine and environmental conditions on our crops

We study the correlation between factors like temperature, light availability, and salinity on seaweed and shellfish health and performance, allowing us to refine cultivation practices for different environments.

Make accurate yield predictions prior to harvest

Our ability to make accurate yield predictions before harvest allows for efficient resource allocation, optimised harvest schedules, and ultimately, increased production efficiency.
The Power of Processing:
Overcoming Existing Challenges
The seaweed farming industry faces several challenges to process this marine biomass at scale. We are leading the way in developing solutions to these processing bottlenecks, addressing key issues including:
Seaweed Ready For Seeding Ropes On A Seaweed Farm

Seed Security
Ensuring A Stable Supply

Blessed with state-of-the-art laboratory and aquatech facilities at our HQ on the West Coast of Scotland, we are developing a world-class seaweed hatchery and seed bank, enabling us to trace and regulate critical factors in seedstock development, including genetic range, plant vigour and resilience.
    Our state-of-the-art seed bank will allow us to maintain a diverse range of healthy seaweed strains, ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience of our crops. We can also trace the lineage of each seed, guaranteeing consistent quality and enabling us to track key characteristics including yield and disease resistance.

From Sea To Soil
Pioneering Sustainable Plant and Soil Health Technologies

At AML, we are committed to sustainable innovation in plant health and soil restoration. For centuries, coastal communities have recognised the power of the ocean to nourish the land. Kelp, a type of large brown seaweed, is a nutrient-rich material that can significantly improve the health of plants and soil.

Our flagship product, Liquid Kelp™, is a revolutionary solution for farmers and the planet. Made entirely from sustainably farmed sugar kelp and processed using zero-energy methods, Liquid Kelp™ is approved for use in organic farming systems by the Soil Association.

A Boon For Plants and Soil

Liquid Kelp™ is designed to be an effective, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for the agricultural and horticultural industries. We've identified unique compounds in brown kelp that provide a multitude of benefits for your plants and soil:

Enhanced Plant
Growth and Health

    Over 20 Vital Nutrients: Liquid Kelp™ boasts a rich blend of over twenty readily absorbed nutrients and trace elements, crucial for strengthening root systems and boosting yields. Compared to synthetic fertilisers, these nutrients are in a more plant-friendly form, maximizing absorption and minimising run-off.
    Stress Mitigation: Growth hormones and amino acids present in Liquid Kelp™ help plants recover faster from drought, extreme temperatures, and other stress factors. They enhance root and foliage growth by improving water uptake, leading to healthier and more resilient plants.

Enhanced Soil
Structure and Health

    Enhanced Water Management: Alginic acid salts in Liquid Kelp™ bind with soil particles, creating a more stable structure. This reduces leaching of valuable nutrients and improves water and air movement within the soil, creating a healthier environment for root growth.

Natural Defence Against
Abiotic Challenges

    Bioactive Carbohydrates: Liquid Kelp™ contains bioactive carbohydrates that act as a natural defence system, boosting plant resistance to pests and diseases. It also forms a protective micro-colloid film on leaves after foliar application, providing an additional layer of protection.

Sustainable Choice
Superior Results

    Liquid Kelp™ is the perfect solution for farmers and horticulturists seeking a sustainable and effective way to improve plant health, soil quality, and long-term productivity 
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