Our aquaculture systems are guided by the principles of standardisation and modularity. Our flagship seaweed farm, at East Oronsay in Loch Sunart, is one of the largest commercially farmed sites in Scotland, producing over 100 tonnes of kelp each season. Our second farm site, on the northern side of the Ardnamurchan peninsula, is scheduled for deployment in January 2025, with capacity for a further 200 tonnes of kelp and 50,000 oysters.
Seaweed Farms Off The Ardnamurchan Peninsular In Scotland

Flagship Farm
Oronsay East

Our 15ha farm site at Oronsay East in Loch Sunart (MS-00010108) has been operational since 2021, with a current production capacity of 100 tonnes of seaweed per season.

We are currently seeking to extend this site, and will be holding a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) event on Tuesday 2nd July, at Shielbridge Hall in Acharacle, from 17:30-19:30 (BST).

Second Farm

We are in the process of applying for a licence for our second farm site at Kentra.

We will be holding a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) event on Tuesday 2nd July, at Shielbridge Hall in Acharacle, from 17:30-19:30 (BST).


Further information about our Oronsay site extension and Kentra licence application will be uploaded here prior to the Public Consultation Events.

If you would like to speak directly with us about one of our planned sites, please email info@atlanticmariculture.co.uk.

At AML, we believe sustainable aquaculture should be accessible and efficient. That's why we design and build modular multi-trophic systems (IMTAs) with practicality and functionality at their core.
Our farm systems offer the perfect blend of innovation and ease of use:
    Modular Design: Our systems are built with interlocking components, allowing you to customize the size and layout to perfectly suit your needs. 
    Simple Installation: No complex construction is required. Our farming systems are assembled at our shoreside facility prior to transportation, allowing for fast and easy deployment on arrival at sea.  
    Practical Functionality: Every element of our system is built with functionality in mind. Easy maintenance access and efficient water flow ensure optimal performance. 
    Durable Materials: We use high-quality, weather-resistant materials to ensure our farming systems provide long-lasting value. 
Atlantic Mariculture's Seaweed Farms and Facilities in Western Scotland
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Schematic Of Atlantic Mariculture's Modular Seaweed Farm System

Benefits of Choosing An
AML Seaweed Farm System

    Reduced Costs: Modular design minimizes construction expenses and allows for future expansion.
    Faster Startup: Get your sustainable aquaculture operation up and running quickly with our streamlined systems.
    Scalability: Expand your operation with ease by adding additional modules as your business grows.
    Focus on Growth: Spend less time on equipment and more time focusing on your crops with our user-friendly IMTA system.
Sustainably Grown Kelp In Scotland

Invest In A
Sustainable Future

Our modular systems are the perfect solution for forward-thinking seaweed and shellfish farmers who prioritise both practicality and environmental responsibility. Contact us to discuss how we can help you cultivate a prosperous and sustainable future.